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I guess I'll write about Superman. The first Superman first appeared in 1938. Many call Superman a huge influence on American culture, and just about anyone would know where that "S" logo comes from.
It's important to focus on the influence Superman made. It seems Superman helped make the genre or comics popular. There are several action comics like Superman. And-- while comic books have been in decline since Internet , T.V., and video games came to replace it-- Superman plays a role in all those things. Popular movies have been made recently and the Superman "S" logo is well-known. There are even well-known words and phases like "Kryptonite" and "I'm not superman."
The show Smallville was influenced by Superman as well.

So, Superman's a pretty influential American comic.
^Wow! Even dogs watch Superman!

how sad. The creators of Superman sold all the rights to their comic for $130. It took years for them to make money off the comic after sueing in court.



For a long time, people have told stories with images. From cave paintings to the modern days. A comic book consists of pictures-nowadays made with computers- and words-a lot of times with speech bubbles and thought bubbles.
This is an 1830's comic by Rodolphe Töpffer, from Europe.

The Japanese manga have been around for a while now, although it was not until after World War 2 that it became more like it is now. Osamu Tezuka made some famous manga, such as Astro Boy. And in 1938, Action Comics #1 was published with Superman.


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Google Releases Blogger's Identity

Google has released the identity of Rosemary Port, a blogger who preferred to remain anonymous because of a court order. The thing is Google didn't actually reveal her name-Google released her e-mail address, and that was only after the court made them. Now Port plans to sue Google for following the court order, but I don't think Google is at fault. Should the court ask Google to do something, they must do it. It's the law.

New York Times mentions that Cohen, the model that was called names, has been talking to the mother of the girl that killed herself because she was harassed on MySpace by a cyberbully. And hurting someone emotionally can be just as bad as hurting them physically. That's where freedom of speech becomes contriversial. You can be rude to people, but when someone becomes depressed, you're taking it too far. but she would have hurt feelings whether she knew the identity or not.

there will always be people that don't like you, and that's just a sad part of life. Cohen should've accepted that. I know people might not like me, but it's okay. I wouldn't need someone's identity unless they 're threatening me. Not liking me is perfectly fine.